Advanced driver-assistance systems or ADAS are electronic systems in a vehicle that assist in driving or parking functions.
Most road accidents occur due to human error, ADAS systems are developed to enhance or automate vehicle systems for better safety and driving.
Providing less human error that can prevent or mitigate collisions thus potential saving lives and money while providing more comfort to the driver.
ADAS functions include adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, automatic parking, collision avoidance, lane keep/change assistance

Our Experience

Our team of experts has decades of experiences developing and testing ADAS functions and components.

We offer a wide range of services:

– Design ADAS function or subsystems.
– Develop ADAS functions.
– Support in maintaining ADAS features or components.
– Testing or debugging applications.

Quality Aspects/Set of Standards We Use

At our company we take quality very seriously. We adhere to the highest standards like ASPICE. Our team follows industry best practices such as coding standards,
design patterns, unit testing frameworks, version control systems, etc., in order to ensure the highest quality of code is delivered.