Core Automotive Competencies

AUTOSAR Activities

We have expertise with most common AUTOSAR stacks and the bootloader stack configuration, for bot classical and adaptive architectures. We develop and assemble the appropriate design, concept and suitable tool-chain based on the specific project and customer needs.
Our services includes the following activities as an example:
  • Static and Dynamic Design
  • Integration and Configuration
  • Verification (Automated/Reviews)
  • Debugging and Analysis
  • CDD Development and Integration

Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

With Deep experience in ISO26262 , ISO/SAE 21434, our core team owns the correct set of skills and expertise to support our customers in the area of functional safety compliance and Cybersecurity analysis and implementations. 
The Cybersecurity security developments cover all activities and components that can ensure secure booting, flashing, diagnostic and communication within the car. Our services are based on our offered products for the above mentioned topics.

Automotive Development

With main focus on Autonomous Driving applications, Our team owns the needed algorithmic and industrialisation experiences to take the AD application development from initial concepts and prototypes, drive it thru towards series development.
This includes the following:
  • Software Development and Testing
  • HIL/SIL Testing Activities
  • ASPICE Compliance 
  • Verification and Validation Activities

DevOps and CI/CD

Our experienced DevOps, back-end and stack engineers have the necessary automotive development expertise to build and build a chain of on-demand, cloud-based, integrated development tools that can enable your teams to efficiently develop, test, and deploy their automotive applications. Our team can adapt and integrate the client’s selected toolkit, including specific client requirements and needs.

Automotive Services Offering

Work Package / Statement of Work

Supported by our internal processes and project management capabilities, we can handle different kind of work packages on different scales. Against the customer requirements and expected deliverable.
 We provide the following:
  • Work break down structure and effort estimation
  • Requirements compliance targets and matrix
  • List of Deliverable against the project 
  • timeline
  • Testing and Verification plans and reports
  • On-quality work products and artefacts
  • Our mixed on-shore and near-shore team setup ensures our customer the highest skills availability complemented by a seamlessly 6 days per week of effective work force

Team as a Service - TaaS

TaaS is most suited for customers who search for a dedicated team, that can dynamically handle different kinds of projects and assignments, in an Agile manner.
For such setup, we offer a dynamic model to built agile self-organised and self-operated teams, that can be integrated into the customer development process and organisational setup. 
Besides the skilled experienced engineers that form the focal basis of the team, we offer all the supporting roles that enables the efficient operation of the team:

  • Project Managers and Product Owners
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Team Leaders and Team Managers

Expert Consultancy

Our core team of experts and consultants have  extensive experience in the automotive industry in several domains and areas.
We provide expert advice and consultancy for:
  • Autonomous Driving Platforms and Architectures
  • Electrification and EV Architectures
  • System and Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Project Management
  • Organisation Development and Transformation
    Our extensive experience in industry standard topics (AUTOSAR, ASPICE, ISO 26262) enables our experts to the the correct business partner for our customers to provide strategic directions for critical development and project topics.