Automotive Services

Experience unparalleled service as we consistently surpass your expectations and tailor our solutions to meet your needs. With a dedicated team of skilled experts and engineers, we guarantee timely delivery and top-notch quality across all our offerings.

AUTOSAR Development and Integration

Benefit from our team of AUTOSAR Development and Integration Experts, offering a wide range of specialized AUTOSAR services:

    • AUTOSAR Requirements Management, Analysis, and Elicitation.
    • Expert AUTOSAR BSW Integration and Stacks Configurations.
    • RTE Configuration.
    • MCAL Migration across Different Targets.
    • OS Runtime Analysis & Optimization.
    • Consultancy for Purchasing AUTOSAR BSW Packages.
    • Tailored AUTOSAR Training Programs.


Our Cybersecurity services include:

  • Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) gap analysis.
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA).
  • Development of Cybersecurity Goals and Specifications.
  • Item Definition and Preliminary System Architecture.
  • Implementation of Cybersecurity Controls.
  • Configuration of Cybersecurity Requirements.
  • Software Update Management System (SUMS).
  • Definition of Cybersecurity Interface Agreements (CIAs).
  • Creation of Cybersecurity Cases and Assessments.

Functional Safety

With a deep understanding of industry standards, including ISO 26262 for road vehicles, ISO 21448 for SOTIF, SAE J3016, MISRA standards, and Automotive SPICE©, we guarantee compliance and quality throughout development.

Our functional safety services cover the entire development lifecycle, beginning with defining safety plans and DIAs, culminating in the development of safety cases. We meticulously define methods, measures, items, functionality, and safety goals, conducting thorough hazard analysis and risk assessments to determine ASIL levels.


Electric Vehicle Systems Development

  1. Charging Infrastructure Integration: Our expertise extends to the integration of EV charging infrastructure with vehicle software, enabling seamless communication and efficient energy management for enhanced charging experiences.
  2. Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Solutions: We pave the way for a smarter, more sustainable future with our V2G solutions, facilitating bidirectional energy flow between electric vehicles and the grid for optimized energy utilization and grid stability.
  3. Flashing Over-the-Air (FOTA) Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with our FOTA update capabilities, enabling seamless, secure, and remote software updates for EVs, ensuring optimal performance, functionality, and compliance with evolving standards.

ADAS Development

We provide a range of specialized services tailored to support every stage of ADAS systems development:

  1. Conceptualization and Design: Craft innovative ADAS functions or subsystems from inception to realization.
  2. Custom Development: Development of ADAS functions that align with specific requirements and objectives.
  3. Rigorous Testing and Debugging: Utilize our advanced testing methodologies and debugging techniques to validate and refine ADAS applications, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.


Key highlights of our DevOps and Tooling expertise include:

    1. Build Automation: We harness advanced build tools like CMake to automate the construction of software projects, facilitating rapid iteration and seamless integration.
    2. Artifact Management: Our proficiency extends to artifact management systems such as Artifactory, ensuring efficient storage, version control, and distribution of software artifacts.
    3. Cloud Environments: With a deep understanding of cloud platforms like AWS, we orchestrate scalable and resilient infrastructure, enabling seamless deployment and optimal performance, with expertise in cloud-native development, we design and deploy resilient, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions that align with your business objectives.
    4. Containerization and Orchestration: We specialize in deploying and managing containerized applications using frameworks like Docker and Kubernetes, facilitating efficient scaling and resource utilization.
    5. Mobile Development: Our proficiency spans mobile platforms, enabling us to develop feature-rich and intuitive mobile applications that deliver seamless user experiences across devices.

Automotive Service Lines

Validation Service Line:
Maximize the quality of your target product to meet exact specifications and industry standards through our comprehensive Validation Service Line. Leveraging a diverse array of software and hardware tools and benches, we ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your products.

Unit Testing Service Line:
Drive confidence in your systems’ integrity with our Unit Testing Service Line. Utilizing a variety of testing techniques including MCDC, Code Coverage, and Boundary Testing, we verify the correctness of your systems by design. Achieve compliance with industry standards such as ASPICE and ISO 26262, ensuring robustness and reliability at every level.

Static Analysis Service Line:
Elevate your systems to the highest safety standards with our Static Analysis Service Line. By incorporating cutting-edge practices in Static Analysis, we ensure compliance with industry benchmarks such as ASPICE and ISO 26262, guaranteeing utmost safety and integrity in your systems.