Automotive Cyber Security

To drive a car in the past, you had to control everything in the car by yourself. In other words, you had to control breaking, steering, acceleration and all other functionalities. However, now you don’t need to control all that, and all you need is to give a direction to the car and let it drive itself.
With the invention of many new features in our car world today (ex: driving autonomously, parking, laser, lighting system, infotainment systems, HMI, and sharing internet and network access with other cars and devices outside the vehicle), it was inevitable to protect our cars from being hacked, otherwise fatalities would occur, and human lives would be lost.
Crypto stack is AUTOSAR solution that has been fabricated to satisfy the urgent need of securing our road vehicles and allowing only authorized users from accessing the vehicle and preventing unauthorized people from accessing or abusing its function.

Our Experience

Our team have deep experience in developing and configuring different security features starting from the simple features till the advanced ones.

What We Offer

  • Configuration & integration of the AUTOSAR crypto stack
  • Secure Boot
  • Secure Flash
  • Secure Communication
  • Secure Debugging 
  • Secure Logging

Quality Aspects/Set of Standards We Use

At our company we take quality very seriously. We adhere to the highest standards like ISO21434. Our team follows industry best practices such as coding standards, design patterns, unit testing frameworks, version control systems, etc., to ensure the highest quality of code is delivered.