BMSvision PlantMaster
(Plastics MES)

PlantMaster is a leading MES system for discrete manufacturing. It is a powerful and extensive yet flexible tool enabling managers to achieve operational excellence and rapidly respond to changing conditions.
PlantMaster is at the heart of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory offering a suite of MES modules with connectivity, powerful storage and secure communication.

PlantMaster concept

Networking the machines

PlantMaster supports both cabled and wireless networks to connect the machines to the central server.
Machines are equipped with one of BMSvision’s Data Units (see next page) for automatic as well as manual data collection or linked directly to the server through their Ethernet interface.

ERP system integration

PlantMaster is easily integrated with the customer’s ERP system. Through a standard interface, order and product data is transferred from the ERP system and imported into the PlantMaster database.
The integrated export functionality allows a straightforward upload of production data, calculated production schedules, work in progress and performance indicators from PlantMaster to the ERP system.

Connecting remote sites

PlantMaster supports the connection of multiple plants to one central server. On remote sites, the BMSvision Data Units are
connected to the PlantMaster system via the company’s multi-site LAN. 
A dedicated “multi-site consolidation module” on the central PlantMaster server allows integrated reporting for all sites into one single reporting environment.

System requirements

PlantMaster is Windows based and can be installed both on physical systems and in a virtualized environment. Application and database can run on separate servers. 
The database is Oracle or SQL driven. Also Terminal Services like Citrix are supported.

Connecting machines to PlantMaster

Touch screen IoT ready Data Units

The IoT ready Data Units DU9, DU11 and DU15 have been designed for maximum flexibility and optimal user friendliness. They feature a color touch screen and a graphical user interface and can be connected with wired Ethernet, with the proven BMSvision Bluetooth based wireless network interface or through the customer’s Wi-Fi network.

The Data Unit registers cycle time, produced quantity, run- and stoptime and allows the operator to enter additional information like stop and scrap reasons. Via the configurable display all production and planning data can be shown in real time.
On the DU11 and DU15, documents can easily be downloaded from the server and visualized. This way, quality control documents, setup data, production drawings, … are available right where the operators needs them. This is a major step towards “paperless production”.
To connect machines with lower demands, the cost-effective DU9 is a good alternative for the DU11 or DU15. The DU9 is also often used as a second terminal for extrusion lines. In this case, a DU9 is installed on the extruder side for the production data acquisition and input of stop reasons, and a DU11 at the packaging side for the display of packaging instructions, the input of scrap and printing of labels.
All Data Units except DU2P can be extended with Backup & Recovery, allowing a minimum of 24 hours local data storage in case of server or network breakdown.

Machines with Ethernet interface or IIoT

The latest generation of production machines is often equipped with Ethernet interface for host communication. These machines can either be connected by means of a standard Ethernet network (UTP5 cable) or by using the DU7 Data Unit for wireless communication.
The OPCconnector is a user-friendly tool allowing easy and straightforward integration of any machine OPC server available on the network. It was developed to support the Euromap 77 interface for injection molding machines but it can be configured to interface with any OPC UA server without the need for extensive programming thus reducing the total investment as well as the cost of ownership
for the MES system.

PlantMaster : Applications

  • Injection
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion
  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Printing
  • Metal stamping
  • Wire manufacturing
  • Cable manufacturing