BMSvision QualiMaster
(Textile MES)

QualiMaster is the BMS solution for on-loom, grey and finished fabric inspection.
Installed as a stand alone system or as an extension to the BMS WeaveMaster MES system, QualiMaster offers a powerful fabric inspection solution that allows full quality analysis and fabric classification.
Weaving plants equipped with the WeaveMaster production monitoring system can integrate QualiMaster’s powerful “on-loom” inspection package, thus minimizing the risk for off-quality fabric in the weaving plant and reducing the workload in the grey fabric inspection department.
For finished fabric inspection, dedicated software for optimized mapping and cutting allows to maximize the first quality yield with a minimum of cut operations.

On-loom fabric inspection

To reduce the risk for off-quality, QualiMaster offers a solution for “on-loom” inspection. Using BMSvision Data Units installed on the looms, the roving inspector enters the defect code or declares the fabric “defect free”.
Each entry is automatically related to the pick counter, allowing the generation of a piece map during weaving.
Based on the concentration of defects and stops, the system predicts the quality of the fabric. Alarm messages are generated in case of an off-quality fabric and at doffing, the system formulates a quality advice.
In case of first grade, no further inspection is required and the fabric roll can be transferred to finishing or to the finished goods warehouse. If the calculation shows a risk for off-quality, then the roll is sent to the grey inspection or mending department.
Of course, QualiMaster also integrates the BMSvision Cyclops and Argus automatic on-loom inspection system.

Fabric inspection terminal (QT)

In grey and finished fabric inspection, the inspection frames are equipped with QT touch PCs. Linked with the length counter, ticket
tagging device, machine signals, … the QT offers a user friendly interface for defect entry.
The inspector enters the defect just by tapping the corresponding defect button on the screen. Screen layouts can be configured to meet customer’s requirements. A defect map with grade calculation is available on the terminal.
In finished inspection and cutting, instructions can be displayed for cutting and packing the finished goods roll. These instructions can be extracted from the customer related information as stored in the ERP system.

Piece map and ticket printing

For each piece inspected, be it on-loom, in the grey or in the finished inspection department, QualiMaster generates and stores a piece
map. The piece map consists of a user definable header, a summary graph showing the concentration of defects throughout the piece
and a detailed list of all defects with their length and width location.
Through edit functions, the user can add, delete or modify defects, insert notes or change the length of the piece. Piece maps can be
exported in PDF, CSV or XML format and can be archived for long time storage if required.
In case bigger rolls are cut into small output pieces, QualiMaster allows the reconstruction of the input roll starting from an output piece or can show all output pieces generated from a selected input roll.
At the end of each piece or cut-out, QualiMaster can print a piece ticket. Customer or style dependent ticket layouts can be defined by
the user. QualiMaster translates the inspection results in commercial information such as piece length, grade, allowance, … which are
printed on the final piece ticket.

Benefits :

  • Reduced off-quality through on loom in section
  • Real time alarms in case of quality problems
  • Customer specific ticket printing
  • Full quality reporting
  • Monitoring inspector efficiency
  • Extreme flexibility through built in report generator