Gefran is an Italian multinational company, specialized in the design and production of systems and components for the automation, electrical drives and control of industrial processes. Competence, flexibility and process quality are the distinguishing factors of Gefran in the realization of tools and integrated systems for specific applications in different industrial fields, with a consolidated know-how in the fields of plastic, metal, paper, industrial lifting, heat treatment and lift.

Some of the Industries that Gefran Products can Perfectly fit inside :
  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • Metal processing
  • Geotechnics
  • Agricultural and earth moving machines
  • Renewable energies
  • Blowing machines
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Food industry
  • Water & HVAC
  • Cranes & overhead cranes
GEFRAN uses the highest-performance materials and the highest-tech components to create custom solutions for your applications.
Gefran’s proposal for the plastics market consists of an extensive choice of automation devices for machine control, a complete range of sensors and a dedicated motion line, all of which are distinguished by efficiency, good value, practicality, and easy installation.

The principles that guide the way GEFRAN operate :


Gefran is  fully committed to establishing trust by promoting quality standards and practices, commitment to products and sustainable relationships with stakeholders. They are experts in designing effective solutions and providing services that anticipate the client’s needs.


Gefran understand the importance of timely responses, flexibility of proposals, and above all, searching for best possible solutions.


Gefran anticipate the needs of the future and understand how to implement their vision in the present. They invest in designing premium quality solutions and services and possess the know-how for ongoing innovation and creativity.

 We are GEFRAN’s  official Distributor in Egypt For Sensors and components for automation and control of industrial process.