I/O Modules

In a PLC system there will usually be dedicated modules for inputs and dedicated modules for outputs.
An input module detects the status of input signals such as push-buttons, switches, temperature sensors, etc..
An output module controls devices such as relays, motor starters, lights, etc.

We offer a wide range of I/O Modules :


Cannon F3 I/O modules and F3 I/O remote systems offer a cost-effective interface for your field signals, in the automation process control and machine control system.
The range of available gateway modules permits the connection with various fieldbuses type. High modularity and free combination modules offer cost-saving installations and an easy debug activity. The Remote I/O systems are characterized by high functionality and simple handling.

KEBA I/O-Modules :

The KeConnect I/O modules impress with an optimal ratio of functionality to volume. The KeConnect  I/O modules impress with an optimal ratio of functionality to volume.
In order to respond perfectly to customer requirements, KEBA’s I/O modules are available in two different sizes. This considerably reduces the space required in the switching cabinet and optimizes costs.

Sedo-Treepoint I/O Modules:

For the extension of the build in I/O’s of Sedomat Controllers and for the module design of automation concepts of controllers without internal I/O’s , Sedo offer you external I/O units with PROFIBUS interface, including digital and analog inputs ad outputs.
SedoIO is a new modular external IO-module that flexible and scalable high-performance system that optimized for textile finishing machines automation. It can be equipped with CANopen®, Profibus DP® and Modbus RTU gateways.