Industry 4.0 Services

With the hype of the 4th Industrial revolution and the introduction of the IoT concepts, different methods, and products have been introduced that helped the factories and machines to become more efficient in terms of power consumption, production effectiveness, and maintenance predictability. 
Our teams provide the needed experience, products and services that can help you to take your production capabilities to different levels of effectiveness and efficiency. 

Digitalization level Assessment

How Digital your Factory is?

Analyze the factory under scope to understand qualify and quantify the needed tools,hardware ,software and actions needed to host and deploy the requested services and implement the customer needs.
Service includes :
  • Factory analysis (Control Systems, Machines Sensors and Machines Connectivity )
  • Energy Sources Analysis ( Energy inputs and Energy Meters )
  • Customer manufacturing process assessment
  • Customer Requirements analysis
  • Define the road map to achieve the digitization services needs
  • Define the set of Hardware and software needed based on selected services

Machine Components Upgrade

Turn your Machines to Industry 4.0 Ready

Upgrade the needed machines’ components to enable the integration with the IIOT layers to provide the needed and requested services.
Service includes: 
  • Electrical and Hydraulic updates.
  • Sensors, Indicators and Power controllers Installations.
  • HMI,  I/O’s modules Installations.
  • Control Systems Upgrade (PLC/PAC).
  • Machines IIOT Devices Installations

Connectivity and Data Collections

Connectivity 4.0

Install Communication and data collection devices from the floor shop to the central servers either onsite or remote.
Service includes: 
  • Install Industrial Communication modules into your machine.
  • Implement communication buses between sensors , controls and machines.
  • Install wired and wireless Data Loggers and Data transfer units to the machines .
  • Configure the Data units based on manufacture processes and machines data.
  • Install the Database servers to collect and store the data

System Integration and Configuration

Industry 4.0 Ready

Overall System Integration and Configuration as per the customer requirements, productions standards and specifications.
Service includes: 
  • Install Automation platforms solutions (HMI) to monitor and view medium/ small size plants and machines.
  • Install Local or Remote SACADA Systems to collect and visualize the data remotely , also to control the process parameters.
  • Install Local or Remote Asset management  Systems to collect and visualize the data remotely , also to control the process parameters.
  • Install Local or Remote MES Systems to collect , visualize the data remotely and perform data analytics on real time or based on history.
  • Configure Monitoring and Reporting Tools.
  • Configure Alarms and notifications triggers
  • Configure KPIs, Dashboards and mobile notifications.
  • Configure preventive and predictive maintenance. 
  • Configure Quality Control and SPC tools. 

Training and Operation Support

Ongoing and continuously, Onsite and remotely

After sales services and support, with a huge catalogue for training and supporting materials to help the operating staff to be able to use the system effectively and flawlessly. This is extended with an immediate on-site and remote service support.

Service includes: 
  • Provide System and Components Training for the usage of the different components and how to configure them
  • Provide regular maintenance and updates for the machines, modules and software, as per the service level agreement.
  • Provide On-site and remote service support, with very short latency times (hours)