Magnetic Connector

The Magna Plug is a magnetic connector which has been designed primarily to reduce cable and probe breakages in manufacturing processes, which translates for the customer in cost savings and reduced production interruptions.

Magna Plug

The Magna Plug has two connectors: a male connector and a female connector. It also has a female connector variant for panel mounting. The body of the connectors is made of food grade teflon, which meets FDA specifications.
It is also equipped with a stainless steel ring to give it more stiffness. Right now, this magnetic connector comes with 6 pins which can accommodate up to 18 caliber conductors.On the outside of this magnetic connector, we have cable glands that can accommodate different cable diameters. 
The Magna Plug is completely waterproof and submersible. It meets IP 67 specifications, but the key part of our magnetic connector is the magnet inside the connectors.The force of the magnet is 10 pounds, enough to withstand armed or shielded cables in the process without disconnecting and the only way we can connect them is by aligning the magnets.
The advantage of this feature, of course, is it can be easily disconnected, so that if, for example, an operator moves a food shelf in which the connector is used for a temperature probe or if a manufacturing equipment is moved and the cable is pulled, connectors shall be separated without damage and without interruption due to damaged cables.

Technical specifications of Magna Plug :

      Voltage : 48 VDC Max
      Amperage : 1,5 Amp
      Pins : 20 AWG
      Material: Food grade Teflon (White)
      Shell: 316 Stainless Steel
      Pins: Gold plated (x6)
     Weight: Male 68g / Female 70g
     Retention force: 10 pounds
     Connection type: Self-mating