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SEITech Solutions and T&S Engineering announce Strategic Development Partnership for Nearshore and Offshore Engineering Activities

SEITech Solutions, an Engineering Service Company focused on Embedded Systems Development for Automotive applications and Industrial IOT and T&S Engineering, a leading company in embedded systems engineering in the Automotive fields, today announced the start of their strategic partnership to support the development projects in the Automotive sector, through an established nearshore/offshore development and engineering teams.

SEITech Solutions was created in 2020, more recent but with a similar story; a strong expertise in Embedded system mainly in the automotive industry and Industrial IoT focused on industry 4.0 applications. Located in Germany and North Africa, SEITech has been growing quickly, thanks to the quality of its delivery and the skills of its core competency team that is well appreciated by its customers.

As one of T&S Group business area, T&S Engineering has a strong expertise in embedded systems. It is its core business since its creation in 2008 with a strong application in the Automotive fields. Through the years the company enhance its footprint in this field of activity, especially in Germany for the smart transportation part, but also in other countries and intelligent mobilities areas. The group is currently located in 8 countries across Europe and Asia. 

It was obvious that both companies share common values and targets, which formed an initial and strong base for the potential cooperation and partnership, that was born after; working hand in hand will allow both sides to deliver state-of-the-art projects and pursue their paths in their targeted business fields.

For T&S Engineering, it’s a quality partner with a strong team to deliver projects faster. For SEITech Solutions it’s an opportunity to have access to top notch projects. This expertise will serve other fields of activities because the technology is fed by a multi sector experience. The model “an alliance of experts” connects the 3 businesses areas in Engineering, Digital and Consulting to a lot of sectors and type of projects.

With our fast and aggressive growth plans, it made complete sense to us to go hands-in-hands with a leading and strong partner to support our development activities. Based on this partnership, we will be able even to go faster, in an organized and well-established strategy.
Saffey-Eldin Khalil
CEO & Cofounder at SEITech Solutions
This partnership makes perfect sense: Both of our companies have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and want to be recognized as experts in their domains. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to seize more advanced international opportunities.
Jérémie Huss
CEO T&S Group
In the past months, the need for strong expertise in cutting edge technology increased dramatically, especially in the embedded system world. This is why I am very delighted about this new strong partnership which will help both entities to develop themselves even more rapidly and profit of the expertise and footprints of each other.
Benoit Bossu
Country Director Engineering Germany