Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) are primarily an industrial system that are designed keeping in mind manufacturing environment in a plant.

We are the main PLC/PAC distributor for :

KEBA (KePlast Control for injection molding machines) :

KePlast control solutions cover a wide range of machine types, starting with standard hydraulic and all-electric through to complex, multi-component IMMs with process-integrated robotics and cell automation.
The entire KePlast i-series – ranging from i1000, i2000, i3000, and i8000 – is characterized by a scalable hardware and a common software platform that enables maximum flexibility for all business requirements. This guarantees you the maximum differentiation for your competitive advantage.


Sedo-Treepoint offers wide range controller that is specially designed to meet the latest requirements of Industry 4.0 and more.
It is developed to match future standards through its high flexibility. The controllers contain all the benefits of the well proven Sedomat controllers combined with internal WiFi, RFID, flexible field bus and a high number of modular internal and external in- and outputs.
Sedo-Treepoint offers:
  • Sedomat 8000 series (Sedomat 8007,8010,8015)
    Dyehouse Controllers (Sedomat 1808+, 2500+, 2600+, 5500+ )
    Continuous Controllers (Sedomat 2800+, 5800+)

Schneider PAC, PLC & other Controllers​

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) provide multiple device or cloud connections, safety, security and flexibility. 
At Edge Control level, Schneider Electric PLCs, PACs and dedicated controllers are easy to program, commission, maintain and IIOT ready.



Cannon-Automata control systems offer the best relation between size, performance, modularity and price. From compact low-cost PLCs mounted on a DIN rail with an embedded CPU to high-performance PC based motion controllers.

A wide range of I/O modules always provide the right interface to the process. All control systems are equipped with CAN and an optional real-time Ethernet interface – Sercos or EtherCAT. The controllers are all programmed with the IEC-61131 tool CODESYS.