Sedo-Treepoint SedoExpert

SedoExpert is an ERP/MES platform designed to manage modern textile factories and to operate within a completely integrated, automated environment.
SedoExpert supports the following operations:
  • Knitting, weaving mills
  • Fabric dye houses (exhaust and continuous)
  • Yarn dye houses
  • Printing mills
  • Laundries
  • Denim Plants
SedoExpert can be interfaced with the individual machines via Sedomat controllers which ensure data exchange between the MES and the machine components.
1. In the production, the operator scans the production order.

2. Automatic download of process data to the machine PLC (Sedomat).

3. The production starts, the Sedomat monitors and controls execution.

4. SedoExpert, SedoMaster and Planning module are updated with execution data.

Integration possibilities to existing ERPsystems

SedoExpert can be linked to existingERP systems in order to avoid redundantwork and large-scale re-organization of an operation.