Sedo-Treepoint ( Part of Savio group) is globally developing and supplying integrated systems for the textile finishing industry.
As an expert in all areas of textile finishing, Sedo-Treepoint uses its considerable skills to combine the development of software, hardware, mechanical and electrical engineering, offering our customers a range of tools that will assist in managing the increase demands of their market. 
Sedo-Treepoint has been developing and producing benchmark products for over 40 years. Their systems, operating in all areas of textile finishing, have improved both quality and productivity. Furthermore the production data logged by their systems, plays a key role in helping management not only to make the right decisions but also to achieve appropriate company certifications.
Using Sedo-Treepoint systems to enable the latest production methods can help the customers avoid wasting water and power thus reducing both bills and CO2 emissions.
Our product program comprises: ·
  • Controllers, PLC’s, I/O modules and sensors for machine automation
  • Software for central production planning and supervision
  • Data acquisition
  • Recipe and colour management software for laboratory and production
  • Quality control systems for laboratory and production

We are Sedo-Treepoint official Distributor, System Integrator and After-sale Service for their Products and solutions in the textile industry.