KePlast SpeedPump

KePlast SpeedPump is the energy-efficient servo pump from the experts injection molding controls.
It provides hydraulic energy only when it is actually needed.
That is why energy consumption is reduced to zero during idle time periods, such as cooling time. The energy reduction achieved with KePlast SpeedPump is equivalent to that of a fully electric machine.
Even in cycle time reduction and process management highly dynamic KePlast SpeedPump delivers better values than other energy-saving concepts like variable displacement pumps.


Easy Start-up and parametrization

The consistent use of the fieldbuses CANopen and EtherCAT enables user-friendly and time saving startup of
KePlast SpeedPump drives.
All settings and optimization work can be done directly on KePlast control system via the convenient machine HMI without using additional tools. Data records of all KePlast SpeedPump systems are permanently stored in the control.

Integrated monitoring of temperature and energy consumption

Engine temperature of the servo pump is monitored and recorded by KePlast control. Cycle times can be shortened optimally and the performance potential of the injection molding machine can be maxed out.
Thanks to integrated performance measurement the current energy consumption levels are continuously transmitted to the KePlast control for further analysis.

KePlast SpeedPump – specifications