Testing Team (Software & System)

To drive a car in the past, you had to control everything in the car by yourself. In other words, you had to control braking, steering, acceleration and all other functionalities. With the invention of many new features in our car world today (ex: driving autonomously, parking, laser, lighting system, infotainment systems, HMI, and sharing internet and network access with other cars and devices outside the vehicle), Testing became very essential to be deeply performed. Our team offers a very wide range of expertise in all testing levels and activities. We have experienced teams in both the software testing field as well as the system testing field.

Our Experience

Our team has deep experience in developing and configuring automated testing packages using different scripting languages and using a different set of tools and Test environments. The team also has a wide range of competencies and experiences in all testing activities in Software testing as well as in System testing.

What We Offer

A qualified team in Software Testing with experience in several scripting languages and was involved in different projects with different OEMs. The flexibility to work on any Test bench as well as the manual testing. The team has several backgrounds in software testing such as Software Unit Testing, Software Integration Testing and Software validation testing. 

We also offer a system testing team to work in system validation testing as well as system Integration testing. The team is experienced in working on several famous and well-known test environments such as Vector and Elektrobit Test Environments.


  • VT-System
  • Vector CAST
  • NI Test bench
  • Tessy
  • Caneo/Canape
  • INCA
  • DiagRA
  • D-Space
  • ECU-Test
  • Polarion
  • DOORs
  • Tortoise SVN
  • JIRA
  • JAZ

Quality Aspects/Set of Standards We Use

At our company, we take quality very seriously. We adhere to the highest standards like ISO26262. Our team follows industry best practices such as ASPICE, ISO26262, UDS Protocol, etc., to ensure the highest quality.